THURSDAYS, 7:30-9:00PM
with Joseph Giacona
Meditation in Williamsburg

Our classes begin on time, please arrive 10-15 mins early. 

$15 per class or Free for Supporting Members

Please feel free to drop in on a class-by-class basis.

Classes are held every week unless otherwise stated.

No special clothing is required. No pre-registration required.


  • Simple guided breathing / relaxation meditation (20-25 minutes).

  • Practical teaching on meditation in conjunction with the specific class topic (40-45 minutes).

  • Discussion / Questions & Answers (15 -20 minutes).
    General Info About Our Classes & Class Format


Current Series: Introduction to Buddhism

Meditation and the Essence of Happiness

In this series, which is perfect both for newcomers and those with more experience, we will explore the relationship between meditation and happiness. Buddhist meditation gives us direct insight into the causes of happiness within our mind and shows us how to cultivate them. We also learn what is meant by terms such as ‘letting go’, ‘acceptance’, ‘transformation’, ‘karma’, ‘compassion’, ‘bodhichitta’ and ‘enlightenment’ all of which are specific practices through which we stabilize our experience of happiness and overcome our tendencies towards unhappiness. In this way we learn to integrate our training in happiness into our everyday activities.

The emphasis in this series will be in gaining actual experience of these practices. This will vastly improve our life in all areas: work, home, and play.

Everyone welcome.