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Public Talk: The Power of Intention
Everyone welcome!

$15 (Please register for free to reserve your seat, and pay on the night)

Sometimes our own mind does not feel like our friend. We get stuck in feelings of sadness or anxiety. Sometimes we feel trapped by our own rage, towards ourself and towards others, or stuck in loneliness. We want to change but feel that we can't. There is no more powerful tool for healing our mind than meditation. But we need to make sure we are doing it correctly. And that means we need to harness the power of intention.

In this evening talk and guided meditation, Buddhist monk, Gen Kelsang Menla, will teach us a meditation that focuses on the use of intention. By skillfully channeling that wish to change we tap into the immense creative power of our mind, and connect to our naturally good heart. Training in this way enables us to make friends with our own mind and to become the person we truly wish to be.

This meditation can be used by anyone, of any spiritual (or non-spiritual) background.  Gen Kelsang Menla will guide us in the process, sharing with us his own journey of inspiration by Buddha's wisdom.