Enjoyment in Every Moment

with Sarika Bajoria
Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 11:30am – 1:00pm
Cost: $15 | Free for Supporting Members of KMC-NYC

Each and every one us has the capacity to tap into an endless supply of inner peace, happiness and enjoyment. Buddhism presents the meditations and the techniques for training the mind that we need in order to achieve this. By taking these methods to heart we can learn to enjoy every moment.

Sarika Bajoria, Senior Teacher at KMC-NYC

Sarika Bajoria, Senior Teacher at KMC-NYC

The practice of meditation, combined with Buddha’s insights on the psychology of living in the moment, will give us the confidence and skill to make these life-enhancing changes. Through a talk, guided meditation, and answers to your questions, Sarika will help us to experience the methods through which we can joyfully bring about real changes swiftly and effectively.

- Simple guided breathing / relaxation meditation (20-25 minutes).
- Practical teaching on living in the moment (40-45 minutes).
- Discussion / Questions & Answers (15 -20 minutes).


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