Developing the Habit of Meditation

New Approaches to Happiness

with Steve Krantz

 Steve Krantz, Buddhist Meditation Teacher

Steve Krantz, Buddhist Meditation Teacher

Saturdays 2:00 - 3:15pm, $15 or Free for Supporting Members

Cravings? Bad habits? Unhelpful tendencies? It seems we are forever caught up in a never-ending cycle of going to all the wrong places to try to make ourselves happy. We get into patterns of relying on small hits of happiness that then turn into negative habits. How do we get out of this cycle?

These Saturday classes are designed for those who wish to use Buddhist meditation and practice as a means for helping us to cease the painful and unreliable approaches we too often use in seeking authentic healing. These methods are simple, relaxing, and they work. Each class will consist of guided meditations, a talk and a discussion. Everyone welcome.


  • Simple guided breathing / relaxation meditation (20-25 minutes).
  • Practical teaching on meditation in conjunction with the specific class topic (35-40 minutes).
  • Discussion / Questions & Answers (10-15 minutes).