Saturday Morning Meditation Workshops
11:15AM to 12:30PM

Our classes begin on time, please arrive 10-15 mins early. 

$12 per class or Free for Supporting Members

According to Buddha our suffering comes about due to the uncontrolled and painful states of mind, known as the delusions. During these meditations, we will be focusing on Buddha’s illuminating teachings on these painful minds and how to overcome them. In each session we will focus on how to deal with a particular delusion, learning practical methods to reduce its hold on us and in this way allowing us to experience a deep and satisfying emotional freedom. As our delusions diminish we draw closer to the person we wish to be, a joyful, confident and loving person. Everyone welcome.

  • Dec 9     The Wisdom of Karma with Sarika Bajoria
  • Dec 16   Using Wisdom to Solve our Daily Problems with Janna Bilski
  • Dec 23   New Year, New You with Steve Krantz


  • Simple guided breathing / relaxation meditation (20-25 minutes).
  • Practical teaching on meditation in conjunction with the specific class topic (35-40 minutes).
  • Discussion / Questions & Answers (10-15 minutes).


Giving Love

The Best Gift to Give for the Holidays

with Kadam Morten

Kadam Morten Clausen, Resident Teacher at KMC-NYC, Eastern US National Spiritual Director for the New Kadampa Tradition

Kadam Morten Clausen, Resident Teacher at KMC-NYC, Eastern US National Spiritual Director for the New Kadampa Tradition

Saturday December 9 | 7 - 8:30pm | $15 or Free for Supporting Members

What everyone really wants for Christmas is authentic happiness and love is a cause of such pure happiness. But what is true love? Buddha taught that we can easily cultivate true love and happiness in our hearts and then we can learn how to give it to others. In this evening class we will learn how to do this and gain our own experience of these minds though guided meditations. Everyone welcome.

New Year, New Mind, New You

Meditate… Actualize your Potential

with France Roy

Saturday January 6th at 11:00am - 2:00pm
$15 or $10 per session | Free for Supporting Members
Session Times: 11:00 – 12:15pm | 12:30pm – 2:00pm*

*It is recommended that you attend the course in its entirety. Per-session registration is not available online, but walk-ins are welcome for those who cannot attend all three sessions.

The new year is a symbol of possibility. We wish to change and for our lives to go in a better direction but for that to happen we need to connect with the potential that exists within our minds. The profound tools of transformation within Buddhist meditation gives us the ability to become the person we wish to be: peaceful, kinder, more dynamic and confident, happier, more loving.

In this course, through talks, guided meditation and discussion, Kadam Morten will introduce us to Buddhist meditation and show how we use it to connect to profound dimensions within our mind.  Through these skillful and creative methods we initiate the change we all long for.

Everyone is welcome. This course is suitable both for beginners and those more experienced.