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Tucked away on 11th street, near McClaren Park is our beautiful contemplative space, Kadampa Meditation Center Williamsburg. Everyone is welcome to join us and learn the proven methods taught by Buddha for cultivating deep and lasting peace and happiness.


Class Schedule


We offer classes suitable for beginners as well as experienced meditators.

If you’re new to the Center, come along to an after-work meditation or a General Program class. On Sundays, our 11am GP is followed by “Coffee, Tea and Chat” - a chance for us to relax our minds and enjoy some social time.


At KMC Williamsburg, we practice Modern Buddhism.

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Modern Buddhism is a modern presentation of Buddha's ancient teachings, composed by our founder, renowned meditation master, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. The essence of Modern Buddhism is practicing Buddha’s wisdom teachings on and off the cushion to bring about the changes we seek. This puts the emphasis on integrating what we learn in meditation with what we do every day, so that every moment of our lives becomes meaningful and fulfilling.

Learn about happiness



Come by and check out our beautiful meditation sanctuary on 11th Street

We’re open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, & Friday and Sunday lunchtimes.

We’re on 11th Street, near the corner of Berry Street.

Walk up the steps of building #119.

Ring the buzzer for Kadampa Meditation Center Williamsburg Branch.